Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Coffee Break

Sipping on my fav mocha, my eyes where lazily scanning the café where we usually spend our coffee breaks. Choosy are they were, plus the past track record supporting strongly, my eyes was on the verge of losing all hope of a beautiful sight. Amidst all glitz and glittering accessories my eyes rested on a back of a girl with carelessly tied hair, and it doesn’t take an expert to deduct that the quality of those strands were top bracket. Intrigued as I was now, exploring further I saw a simple white shirt and a pair of simple denim Capri with a flat chappals, which she so gracefully supported. For me if its denim it ought to be blue and plain denims with no extra innovations from the tailor, well the pair of Capri was just the same and I so wished to thank her for that. Engrossed as I was in this girl, all the comments and office gossip of my colleagues were falling on deaf ears.

Going against the saying” curiosity kills the cat” i had made thousands of plans inside my head how I would see her face. “Your Bill sir” the damn waiter said these words shattering my plans.. Cursing him from bottom of my heart, I reluctantly headed for the door leaving my mind behind.
As expected I was haunted by her thought and suddenly the café became the most important place for me. Never had so many mochas in a week but all in vain. Optimist as I was, i started visiting alone also which in past I seldom did. Being lunch hr, the café was particularly overcrowded that afternoon, much to others annoyance I was occupying a table for 4, gazing to the seat where I saw her which unfortunately was occupied by a real fat guy today. Just then I was woken up from my slumber of thoughts by a sweet voice “ Can I take this chair pls” a girl asked me, I replied with a nod and got a Thank u and a smile from her. I had never seen such a beautiful smile on such a beautiful flawless face in my life and at that moment my belief in god grew stronger.
For a moment I totally forgot about the reason of my increased frequency in this café. A push on my chair brought me back to reality and this is when I realized there were other people also in the café besides her. Difficult as it was to take my eyes off her, somehow I managed it as my conscience was screaming “Betrayal” on top of its head. But for the first time I was against the saying “Out of sight out of mind”. Holding on to the last strand of loyalty I helped my self out of the café, but didn’t realize that my car keys were left behind. With mixed feelings as I entered the café, I could not find my keys on my table and as I was about to leave someone tapped on my shoulder and it was the waiter with a smile on his face and keys in his hand “ your keys sir” he said. Before heading for the door I wanted to have the last look, but her back was facing me and all I could catch a glimpse of was her “Carelessly Tied hair”.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


God sent a memo to all his associates and called for an urgent meeting. There was a lot of Hush Hush about this meeting. Finally the meeting commenced much to everybody’s relif.
One look at God’s face clearly indicated that he is not happy. He asked “Where is this world coming to?”
Everybody proudly stated that the world has come of its age and it is in its prime. Man has invented almost everything that you wanted him to.

Thinking deeply god replied” I have incorporated each and everything in the earth for it to be self sufficient, so that there would be peace, tranquility and harmony everywhere. Equality was one thing I was sure of, as I have created only two species Man and women. But still there is so much of inequality in the world.”

Everybody agreed to this, but nobody was sure about the root cause of this inequality. God wanted to know which of his creation is causing this and was sad that he created this particular thing.

After many days of Research yielded no result and ultimately it was decided upon that, lets get the answer directly from the horses’ mouth. So one of the most intelligent man who claimed that he knew the Answer was summoned and was taken to god.

Everybody, including God were quite excited to know the answer. The man answer surprised everyone as it was “MONEY”So my dear friends please give it a thought that one main thing that is a major cause of inequality between the whole mankind is not created by god

Friday, June 02, 2006

One liners

"Nobody's ever looked beyond the curtain of my smile
to actually explore the traces of my tears"

"Attempting to unfold the complicated ways of life
but the complication increases with each fold"

"Just when u are getting the feel of it the moment passes and the next one arrives making a momory of the last one and memory fades unlike my love"

"I am living in the world with all wrong people...then why being with u feels so right"

"Precious,facinatin,awesome,loving,caring,astonishing,sweet,was looking for one word to describe u...but nothing suits better than "LIFE"

"Scaling new heights in love despite the odds,just a little hope from u can do wonders"

"night is here,curtains are down,music is slow,lights are dim,mints on the pillows...the stage is set...WHERE ARE U?"

"i grew up with a hope to aviod worldly possesions....and then u came along"

gum itne diye hain unhone ki ...ab yeh aalam hai ki har zakham aapan sa lagta hai...koi unse keh do ki fanaa ho chuke hai hum..ab ek aur zkham ki sajiz na karen

one look at you forces me to belive that "PERFECTION IS POSSIBLE"

"It’s the darkest before dawn"

I had reached the fag end of my struggle with life and had decided upon the ultimate. Before plunging into the darkness I found myself buying time, gazing into the vastness that the nature has bestowed upon me, through the sole window in my room. The dim light from the candle never looked so powerful, amazed as I was looking at its will to burn against the monstrous storm outside. A tiny ant, struggling to achieve an impossible task to carry a crumb double its weight caught my attention. As simple as these things were, meaningful vibes that were coming from them lead me towards light.
The storm has stopped, paving it way to the dawn, the candle won the battle against the storm and finally the crumb mounted the ant reluctantly. That’s when I realized the true meaning of the saying “It’s the darkest before dawn”.


It was one of those rare occasions for Rahul, that second glance was not given. With a pinched ego, he caught himself looking at her, clad in a baby pink dress, she was looking like a goddess herself in the temple he had gone after ages. In the era of jeans and tang tops, she was such a refreshing change. He was sure that his sleep has gone for a toss, when he left the temple.
Rahul found himself surrendering without a fight to Destiny, which was one thing he never believed in. The pink color was ruling his mind, his thoughts and nothing else seem to matter. His parents were quite surprised with the fact that Rahul had suddenly turned quite religious and has become a regular visitor to the temple, for the reason unknown to them. But destiny was not by his side as all his trips were in vain.
Months passed, but the image of that girl was crystal clear in rahul’s mind. He never felt so helpless in his whole life, the urge was so strong to see that unknown beauty again that the hope had not died.
One fine day, a truck pulled in front of his house, new neighbors were shifting in the their neighborhood. Rahul remembered his friends talking that the new neighbor had a daughter just about their age. His heart missed a beat, he had this strong intuition that his search is going to end.
As a tradition, his parents had planned a welcome dinner for the new neighbors and Rahul never found himself so excited about a party before. Surprisingly he was ready before time, in one of his best attire. Finally the door bell rang indicating the much awaited arrival, Rahul insisted to be the one who opens the door. He opened the door and………………………………………..